Shout to the North and the South

Posted: January 22, 2006 in everything else

so today has been a little eventful. In a good way.

Laura and I both dyed our hair, I’m very blonde now, she’s gone a lot darker. it looks really good actually.

Then we drove (well, Anna drove, its her car) to the Airport to surprise Kendra on her arrival back in the country. so that was really nice. Then we ate tea and watched lots of Sex and the City. and I might actually get a vaguely early night tonight, which would be very exciting. :)

So its off to bed I go.

yesterday I made badges and comforted Laura through her Gay-bar induced hangover.

today Laura and I also went to church, which is my favourite part of sundays. and the pastor was really good. and I (and Jules) signed up for the arts ministry. SCORE!

night all.

  1. Nodders says:

    I got your CD!! W00t! It is very very good, quite sad at parts, but I was listening to it most of the afternoon :) I shall give you a more accurate and detailed summary when I have time ;)

    Blonder eh? Hmm, cool :)

  2. Lolly says:

    Must see the new hair! :)

  3. taora says:

    elp me suzi! w-why can’t i scroll all the way down the screen on blogger? it just reaches a certain point, then stops. has this ever happened to you? most annoying when i’m reading someone’s entry.

    ps. lookee i have one of these now

  4. Nodders says:


    Hello! You have a blog profile now! This is Gordon by the way, although it says Mr.T. I honestly can’t explain anymore why I’m Mr.T the Messiah, because I’ve forgotten now…

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