well, if music died, i don’t think i’d survive

Posted: February 8, 2006 in everything else

ho hum.

yesterday, the weather was miserable, i had a annoying morning, in that i left all my notes for a class in the room afterwards and was half way to town before i realised. not supposed to be back there til next tuesday, but i suppose i should go try get them back.. grrrrr. oh yeah and then i locked myself out of my room, but the cleaners let me back in, so that was fine. anyway, i then met Bob at 1.47 at the buchanan galleries. we walked (the really long and confusing way) back to jordanhill in the pouring rain. both soaked to the skin. so i abandon him to the tea room at scotstoun to read his book while i go for an induction to the gym. which was fine. long, but good. came back to mine and Bob drank some of my free whisky. not that he likes whiskey, but hey. it was fun.

then i had navs, which was lovely and we all ate far too much chocolate.

so now i’m sitting here with nothing to do til around 1.30 uh, ok, now i have a mission.. to try and get into kendras room and get her phone.. off to find a cleaner..

  1. Nodders says:

    Ooh, what’s this? Perhaps some encriminating evidence on your flatemate’s mobile? Or just petty crime ;) Don’t worry Sooz, your secret’s safe with me…

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