I am letting myself go, I am letting myself go.

Posted: February 10, 2006 in everything else

so, to continue the phone recovery story, Kendra had locked her phone in her room and gone to town. she then phoned me to try and get into her room and retrieve it. I couldn’t do that unless she phoned Raj. Which she did so I got her phone. and thats that.

so for the rest of wednesday, I went to Byres road to give a woman a badge that I was fixing for her. I completed Bob’s birthday present, and wrapped it up, I went on to the project at Maryhill which was great, I picked up Tara from the train station, ate dinner in a really nice little italian bistro cafe thing, went to the el dog gig and then came home again. All in all, it was a really good day.

Yesterday, I went to class and took Tara to the bus, got the night off work and went round to Bobs for an el dog meal. it was really nice, it was just the band, jo, gail, ronnie and me, so it was cool. Bob got a dance mat for his birthday from alan and jim so that was the main highlight of the evening, i suck at the dance mat, completely, i got like 37,000 points, whereas calum got 207,500. so you can see how much better the drummer is than me. good food good chat, in general a really good night.

so today i woke up and was all ready to go to dance (if a bit grudgingly) when i get to the tom bone building and find that our class has been cancelled, due to illness. so thats not good. at any rate we have a team project meeting and write out a quick proposal, in order to send it off to the primary schools we are hoping to work with. so at least something good came from it all.

this afternoon I’m off to meet my mum and sister in town, do a bit of shopping or something. have coffee.. the usual. so that should be good. then its off to work… boo hooo. it should be fun. well.. anyway.

so thats my plan. tomorrow, think i’ve got the day off and am just working the evening shift, so i don’t know what i’ll do all day… sunday, i might be popping over to larbert forthe morning, Pete is cutting off his dreads for charity so i think i’ll go see that. coffee with nomy in the evening, unless roz wants to go to the johnathan rice gig… we’ll see. at any rate it’ll be monday morning soon enough and another round of team project. woopdedoo.

hope you all have enjoyable weekends.

  1. Nodders says:

    I’m dismayed at your handling of grammer Suzanne, what with the lack of capitals at the beginning of sentences, let alone startign off with ‘so’, you really should be ashamed. so there.

  2. Sooz? says:

    I’m dismayed at the misuse of my name, Gordon. It’s Susanne. Not, blatantly, Suzanne. Thankyou.

  3. Nodders says:

    Ah, but you see that my action was justified. I had thought that your name was Susanne, hence your previous title: Susy. However, I recalled you once explaining that it made more sense to be Suzi, although I mustn’t have been listening out for said reason, and figured that Suzanne must have been your true name :)

    Hee hee hee hee

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