We’re the pirates who don’t do anything

Posted: February 21, 2006 in everything else

Pete is now bald. He raised £3000 for charity (half to the church windows fund, the other half to the Yorkhill Schiehallian Childrens Cancer ward) in one big haircutting session. A pretty expensive haircut to be honest…

I have a cold.

I went to bobs after work on saturday night abd sat around his kitchen table drinking tea and smoothies and talking, mostly to Johanna and Matt, who ar actually hilarious. I was in stitches. And my tummy hurt from too much laughing by the end of the night. All in all, it was a good night.

Friday night, me and my navs girls did some baking and then stood outside the QMU from 1am to 3am giving out free coffee and tea and baked goods. it was really good fun. We got some totally random conversations, but it was all good.

So today I’m cooking for the girls. Well, Nicky and I are.

Have you ever heard the same kind of thing several times from several sources? recently, I’ve heard lots of sermons, discussions and notices about serving. Especially service to the poor or needy. It’s not smething I would have automatically have thought of in connection with me, but it sometimes feels like God is pushing me that way.

I got up an hour before I had to this morning because I wanted to take photos for class. and I’ve done that now, but that only took like five minutes.. so I’ve been bumming around my room with nothing to do for ages.

I think I’m going to leave now. I think I’m going to lunch with Jo next sunday. should be good.

Good night.

  1. Davus says:

    push push, shove shove.

    selling cookies in glasgow at 3 in the morning, that’s rather cool!

  2. Nodders says:

    Church windows eh? Well, each to their own… Can’t make a difference without looking presentable after all.

    She says cookies Dave… but really she means crack ;)

    Suzi, I personally see your eagerness to help the needy and poor as the result of your wealth of kindness and your excessive capacity for compassion, I wouldn’t be so eager to shift all that onto God. Take responsibility for your achievements :)

  3. Lolly says:

    Sounds like you are having fun :)

  4. Sooz? says:

    well, we weren’t really selling cookies. they were free.

    oh, and i did have lunch with Jo Mango on sunday. it was nice. Calum and Bob joined us and we ended up going to cafe Andaluz… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. very scrummy.

    uhm.. oh, gogs, i’m not going to disagree with your comment- maybe it is because of my “wealth of kindness and your excessive capacity for compassion” but i think those things are gifts from god that i should use. at any rate, i’m not gonna push my beliefs on you and i respect your opinion. sorry it took so long to answer that comment.

    ugh, i’m tired.

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