empty hands

Posted: March 2, 2006 in everything else

i dislike technology sometimes. iTunes doesn’t want to play properly atm. blehhhh.
today was frustrating. we had a drama rehearsal scheduled for this morning, which, the hope was, everyone would turn up for and participate in. they didn’t.

there were the five of us doing the workshop, then two others in the second drama group and about four other people. some people sat out (they were ill, it was ok) people came, but left to do other things.. aargh. it just wasn’t fun. and the team project was draining and just blugh. then i relaxed for about twenty minutes after several phone calls to the school etc etc, checked my emails, loads of crappy ones, one quite nice one, which i actually forwarded (thats unusual btw. i don’t particularly like forwards or send them often, but i’ll make exceptions.) before i ran off to tea, ate my dinner in five minutes flat, went to a rather dull and pointless course comittee meeting where none of my lecturers attended (they’re all in spain or something) so it was pointless pointless pointless.

and i’ve just been sitting around my room now. not really doing much. i should start on my essay’s. think i’ll start them after this.

yesterday was fun though. i went into town, spent too much money, went to the drama group at maryhill, which was really really funny, met nomy for coffee, ate some rather nice stew, went back into town, met bob, walked to his flat, had a cup of tea and went home. fell asleep. it was nice.

hope you’re all doing well.

i’d recommend reading a million little pieces by james frey.

have fun.

ps i’m looking forward to the weekend when folk are coming up to glasgow.. woooooo:)

  1. Lolly says:

    Yeah, this weekend will be fun! :)

    We’ll phone you when we are in glasgow, and hopefully we can meet somewhere..
    Yes, it’s still not organised. -_-

    Sorry to hear that your day wasn’t so great :( But don’t worry, everyone has days like that. That was a shame that the drama thing never really kicked off..

    Hope you’re alright

  2. Nodders says:

    Hmm, that’s weird – this post has only just appeared on my laptop; sorry I’ve not replied sooner :)

    The weekend was fun yesiree!

    Yup, it certainly did seem sucky about your Drama thing not getting off to the great start that you wanted, but you seem to have enough passion for it to keep it going, so it’ll pick up :)

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