an austrian went yodelling…

Posted: March 27, 2006 in everything else

wo, its been a while since i updated this.
I do apologise.
Just been an open mic night at sleazys. it was really good, but there were several types of performers:

1 the guys you don’t think on first appearances should be there, but then give really stonking performances (we had some amazing gospel songs from a fairly unusual candidate.)

2 the emo guys who give really heart searing performances and kinda fit into the background but have no banter and take themselves just a little too seriously sometimes

3 the extroverts who know they like the stage and give you a bit of banter as well as a great song

4 this one really cute slightly confused canadian guy, who was just soooo extraordinarily pleased about everything and who you just wanted to hug.

5 one or two performers who held the mic too close for the high notes and wrecked the enjoyment.

but without a mix of these people the nigt might well have bummed. its crazy, there are some real regulars at this night and they’re all good and obviously well liked and then there are some newcomers, but theres a real buzz around the place, althoug everyone respects whoever is on stage and the room pretty much shuts up to listen to them. its ace. and they give out free marshmallows! i’m loving that it has to be said.

So anyway, i reckon i should head to bed. gotta be up and out for 8.15 tomorrow!

  1. emily says:

    when you go to sleazies, do you say hello to gregory?? actually, he’s been on holiday these past couple of weeks but he’s back to work on sunday so you should holla next time you’re in there.

    ps how are you

    love from emily!

  2. Sooz? says:

    well, so far i haven’t said hello to gregory, but i will next time i’m in.. does he still have long hair??
    oh! i’ve got a flat now! i can move in from july 2nd! so y’all can come visit!!!! its very exciting. just off byres road!
    i’m doing grand, thanks. how are you?

  3. Nodders says:

    Oooh, an open mic – did you get up and sing too? Kareoke is both the funniest and most horrifying prospect, in equal measures of both!

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