when it rains it pours

Posted: July 17, 2006 in everything else

and it has certainly been pouring in my flat recently.
the ceiling has caved in in part of debbies room, as a result of a leak from upstairs… so that was really fun to have to deal with, more so because i was shattered from camp and just wanted to sleep… but hey, it’s done now.

was at camp last week, it was good, challenging, exhausting, but good. i learnt alot from some of the campers, and hopefully they learnt something too.
I got to make a felt scarf, which was awesome, it was really realy good fun!

uhm, so this has been a short update, but i really need to shower and take the dog out for a walk and then do some work- i have two weeks left to finish organising myself for cooking at camp. yeeesh.

  1. Nodders says:

    You should see the ceiling giving in as a very good thing – you’ve been pre-disastered! Something nasty like that is very unlikely to happen now, since you’ve started in the trough of luck (since luck is a purely constant state of flux) things can only get better :)

    Ok, statistically speaking, that means fuck all, but it’s a good spin, huh?

  2. Sooz? says:

    thanks! a few people have said that, things can only get better, eh, nudge nudge. it’ll be fine. grand even. its still a nice flat.
    anyhoo.. once it’s all fixed, i think i shall have you all over for some general merryment.. :) :) :0 yay!

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