bon voyage!

Posted: August 26, 2006 in everything else

Meggie left for america yesterday.
its such a weird feeling, knowing that your little sister has left the country for the best prt of ten months and is going to have a great big adventure without you and all you’re doing is going back to uni.. not that thats not an adventure r whatever, don’t get me wrong, i love my course and i love all the people i’ve met and made friends with, so i’m glad i’ve done what i’m doing, but still… feels like you missed the boat somewhere along the line.

anyhoo.. thats what shes doing and its all good, she’s going to have an amazing time and one i’m finished this degree i’m going to go off to outer mongolia or somewhere and do community arts with them, so nyah. :)

  1. Davus says:

    Outer Mongolia is the bees knees. Yay, it’s great, go there.

  2. Nodders says:

    Ten months? That’s long enough to develop an accent!

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