if we only had a moment to ourselves

Posted: October 12, 2006 in everything else

ok, so its been a while since i updated this, but life has been crazy, to be honest. i’ve had so much to do in the last month that i just haven’t stopped and i’m meant to be flying out to see my sister in the morning.. do i think i’ll sleep.. mmmm, not much, eh.
so, whats been going on? well, i had freshers to do, which was crazy, but good fun, it was a kinda yeesh, i hhaven’t stopped, but thats ok, i’m crazily tired and yet past the point of wxhaustion, so i’ll just sit here and talk to random freshers. i think i’ve made a friend for life in one of the 1st years baca students. nice lad. what a gentleman. but hey.

then came the start of term, during this whole time though, i was filming with MYT my wednesday afternoon drama grou- they have all matured so much, and are doing such good work, its incredible. onyhoo, so this is going on, five days a week, i have classes, homework, lectures, its all a bit crazy. it kinda continued in this vein for a while, my parents left for peru, to go on the amazon hope and do medical supply stuff and what have you and then we get some shocking news.

my granny died monday of last week, she was 85 and two days away from her 86th birthday, in fairly good health- getting old, and forgetful but not ill or anything and in st serfs for two weeks while mum and dad were away. i was shocked. i still am i suppose. i had to phone meggie and tell her. the funeral was yesterday (wednesday) and it was good. Granny was Brethren, so there were all these women in hats (including me) and we were in this little hall in whiteinch, where granny used to worship. it was a nice service, we sang psalm 23, the lords my shepherd and then how great thou art. it was nice. there were loads of older people there who i didn’t know, but who knew me… or had heard of me. i was the only one there from my immediate family, mum snd dad being in peru and meggie in the states, so that was strange, but it was good too, i suppose.

it was nice to see so many people turn out for the funeral, she was dearly loved in her community in glasgow and she never really settled into life in newort. but i will miss her. i’ll miss teasng her and having fun with her, with her constant repetition of the same question, with the way she would slap my hand when i was making fun of her and laugh at me. its strange to think she’s gone. but really, she is in a better place, thats what she believed and thats what i believe.

so thats my life… heading out to see meggie in about 9 hours time. yikes, i should get some sleep….


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