i think i might buy a little notebook to go with my bible

Posted: February 11, 2007 in religion/relationship
todays sermon was really good.. i enjoyed it muchly, hence, my notes:

learning to enjoy the people we have around us: phillipians 1.3-11 (check out the passage here)

+ be grateful for the good in people
*vs3 focusing on anything positive in your relationship
*actively choosing not to focus on the negative
*don’t minimise any pain that has been caused however, instead choose not to dwell on it.
*remember loyalty
+ practice positive prayer
*vs4 pray with joy
*positive relationships come from positive defined prayer
*paul prays specifically a- for the church in philipi to abound in love, b- make wise choices, c- do the right thing, d- be fruitful in jesus (vs9-11)
+be patient with peoples progress
*vs6 jesus always completes what he starts- GOD is not finished with people
*learn to enjoy people as they are not as you wish they were.
*our mistake is to judge people on how far they’ve to go rather than how far they’ve come
+love from the heart
*react with heart knowledge not head knowledge
*we need to have understanding, to have that we need to listen, with our hearts
*love with GOD’s infinite, unending love see romans 5.5 thats the secret, be filled with GODs love and it will spill out

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