heaven help me

Posted: February 18, 2007 in musings on life and death, religion/relationship

this week has been good. and bad. but mostly good.
i made a cd for my sister and sent it off to her, but i don’t think she’ll get it for another week or two cos she’s on spring break. i hope she does get it and enjoys it. quite a lot of work went into that…

hmmm… monday was a cu social, which was great fun, we went for dinner at southpark (ie mexico) and then kersland (america).

placement this week was-honestly- long. tuesday i did lots of admin stuff, wednesday i just collected materials and did test runs of stuff.. nothing very exciting. thursday we had a meeting with lex, the guy who creates our publicity stuff re the next art workshop series- creative sensations! that was fun. then a pub lunch and more sorting and admin for friday workshops. friday the workshops went well, they were enjoyed by everyone although, interestingly, the older teachers understood and took on the ideas better than the four students on placement… saturdays HAC workshops were really good, the kids got well involved and interested, so thursdays meeting should be good.

wednesday night i had housegroup and i really didn’t want to go. i just felt that i’d had a shit day and wasn’t in the mood. i felt i should go, but i didn’t want to. at any rate, in the end i went and i did have a really good night. we did a little thing on the five-step prayer guide for church, so that was cool, just nice and simple, not too hard to follow. and then we all prayed for each other. this was proper prayer… individually, we all sat in the “hotseat” and recieved prayer. it was mega. there were several points where i couldn’t stay in position, i felt this like heavyness come over my body and just comfort and love going from me. while we were praying for jenny, a few of us laid hands on her and it was whilst doing that and praying that i felt that what i was saying was not my own words, but the holy spirit, and he was working through me. it was just really powerful. it got me crying a fair few times.

personally, the best part of it was when the group were praying for me, i told them that i was having a tough time with a few things but mostly with a situation. one of my friends is getting married soon-ish. he’s a guy i’ve known for a year and a half. although it feels longer. anyway, when first we met, i thought there was a potential that this could develop into a relationship- more than friends- and there were occasions where that might have happened, however it never did. i’m very comfortable with him, but i decided about a year ago that it would be stupid to try and have a relationship with him. he’s not a christian and i’m not sure we would really work as boyfriend and girlfriend…. anyway, that head decision was made and that was fine, we continued as friends. he had his heart broken more than once that year, but then he fell in love with this girl that he’s known for a long time. and has always half loved. she’s lovely. they are lovely together. but i can’t get out of my head this insane weird jealousy thing. i guess i never really got over all this half-baked infatuation. anyway, i kinda explained all this and then they prayed for me. and it was like a weight off my shoulders. knowing that these people care. and that they understand.
jonny said that he’d had a feelingthat something like this might come up. very comforting to know that God is in control and prewarning people perhaps.
anyway, it was really good and i know that its not al going to happen at once, but its getting much better. i think because its been confronted and dealt with.

so that was cool. the flat party on friday was amazing. it was chocolatey and alcoholic and banterlicious. val came along and i haven’t seen her in ages so that was absolutely awesome. we had a really good chat, all about boys and life and stuff. it was so good to talk to her. shes goingto come to the vineyard with me some day. and make me a book. i’m very excited.

today at church colin swopped me a defaced penny for a piece of chewing gum.. the swopping has started. catherine exchanged the gum for a pen, so colin has to now swop that for something even better… exciting, non?

this afternoon i ate beans on toast and watched “ray”. it was really good. really really good. tonight i am going to go and watch music and lyrics with some of my girly friends.. yay!

in other news, my friend bob’s ex girlfriend has turned up at my work.. how strange. we met once while they were dating, now i don’t know whether to bring it up or not… hmm.

uhm.. i think thats everything that has been happening recently- OhYeah! Regina Spektor at the qm tomorrow night!!! woot!!!

  1. keir says:

    “i felt that what i was saying was not my own words, but the holy spirit, and he was working through me.” – Right… so no evidence… just a human feeling that could have been induced by pretty much anything?

    You religious types really need to calm down.

  2. suz says:

    well.. maybe thats true. but thats what i believe and i don’t want to calm down, in fact, i want to get more fired up. thats why my bible says “ignite” on the front. anyway, (this isn’t really related directly..) “as a christian i am simply trying to orient myself around living in a particular kind of way, the way that Jesus taught is possible. and i think that the way of Jesus is the best possible way to live. this isn’t irrational, or primitive, or blind faith. It is merely being honest that we all are living a ‘way’… i’m convinced being generous… forgiving… not carrying around bitterness… having compassion… pursuing peace… listening to the wisdom of others… being honest with people is a better way to live. … so the way of Jesus isn’t about religion; it’s about reality.” (rob bell, velvet elvis)

    keir, i think you should read this book, even if just to tear it to shreds. its a good book. (admittedly i’m only on chapter three, but sarah and i are reading it together, so i’m not allowed to skip ahead…)

  3. keir says:

    The passage you quote is quite interesting, and here I am going to attempt to boil down it’s arguments:

    Firstly, it is argued that the way “Jesus taught” us to live is the best way… The evidence provided to back up this assertion is a list of the values that Christianity supposedly promotes, generosity, forgiveness, pacifism etc, and whilst I would dispute that Christianity actually promotes any of these in a significant way, there is a more fundamental flaw with this argument. The arguemt’s logic works as follows:

    Premise One (Implicit): Values such as generosity, pacifism and forgiveness are “good”

    Premise Two: the Bible/Jesus/Christianity promotes these values

    Conclusion: As the “Christian way” promotes “good” values, it is “good”.

    This argument is both unsound (ie it’s premises are flawed) and Invalid (ie its logic does not work)

    Im not going to delve to much into the unsoundness of both premises, as I think that is another debate entirely, but even if we accept both premises as true, the conclusion does not logically follow. Just because some values promoted by the bible are good, it does not follow that everything contained within the bible is good, further, if we can determine that such values are good without the bible, why do we actually need it? (to argue that said values are good BECAUSE they are contained within the bible is a plainly circular argument)

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