3 years ago

Posted: March 25, 2007 in love

i was just looking back at this blog three years ago, when i blogged quite a lot but fairly pointlessly… not a huge amount of difference to now some might say… however, three years and two days ago i wrote a post about my friend nicky’s death. she died three years and three days ago. and i have told a lot of people about her, about how much of an impact she had on me. I still think of her and talk about her. i still love and miss her.
i thnk i’m very lucky to have made so many good friends in my life. i really am. even now, looking back, i know we had some rough times, but we stuck together in school, i still value my friends from madras, i really do, and i so love my friends in glasgow, lozzle was saying just yesterday how much she loves the fact that she’s found a group of people that she can just hang out with and be herself and i am so grateful for that too, i love having these friends, these people who are just there and supportive and who i can support in turn. and i know i can be bitchy and crappy and not pleasant sometimes and i let my mouth run away with me and i’m sorry for that but you guys just accept me, and then challenge me and i am so grateful.

i guess i just love the fact that when i’m in glasgow in the flat, in the park, walking around, whatever, i just rerally feel at home, i know that i have a place here and i don’t need anyone else to tell me that and i know no-one can make me feel not a part of this, so thats really cool. i’m just so lucky to have found such awesome friends.

anyway, its bed time.

  1. Debbie Sandwich says:

    Love you too poops! Didn’t realise it was three years ao last week. Hmm. I am so stinking proud of you.

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