post … secret

Posted: March 25, 2007 in not much to say

i love the website postsecret. it makes me happy and sad and empathetic and silly and … everything all at the same time.

Jen still has my postsecret book.. i do want it back!

so, anyway, what am i going to talk about today? well, i’m trying to not get on with my placement essay, i can’t be bothered with writing proper essays just now. its a sunday evening and i don’t feel like working. i really really should.

its been a long week, just going from one thing to another to another. i don’t think i’ve properly rested this week, but i plan to try and get more rest time in in this next week.

i also love the postal service i think they are awesome

i am going to take karens advice and get up an hour earlier every morning and just spend it in time with God.. so, lets see how that works out.



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