Posted: May 13, 2007 in people

well, i’ve just tidied my room. in course of which i managed to lose lots of stuff.. some to my flatmates and a lot more to the charity shops. I have been needing to de-clutter for a while. i just want to get rid of everything, but thats not really sensible. i think there’ll be another clear out before i move out of this place… possibly the craft box will get it in the neck this time.

I spent a week recently in a place called Ardmore point. its quite pretty, except whn the weather is miserable. and you might even spot these two having a cup of tea… they quite enjoy cups of tea. and sitting on wet seats on rainy days, outdoors.. two old glasgow wifies, as my friend morv would say. (and in fact just did, through the wonderful medium of itunes/msn)

This was part of k and j’s art in the environment project. perhaps i’ll post some of mine someday.. possibly not. but i really like this:

oh and ardmore point (well, a bit of it) on the most dreich day all year. woot!
i enjoy new flats, new friends, new cities.. that doesn’t mean i’m giving up on the old stuff or not remembering it, but just an affirmation of the fact that change can be good.
i think i’m going to give up bebo/facebook/myspace for a week.


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