Posted: June 13, 2007 in everything else

i might get mad and call my dad

i’m looking round my room. i have so much stuff.. and only two weeks left to pack it all up and get ready to move it all around the city… woop woop.. what fun. oh and a cow. which needs to get to ireland somehow.. how do these things happen to me?? bertha might need to go back to Nomy for a while.. oh dear.. another taxi for Bertha i think.

looks like this ceilidh is going ahead, so heres your official invitation- 30th june (a saturday) at newport-on-tay church hall, there will be a ceilidh in honour of my sister turning 18 (in january, oops), me turning 20 (but not really for that) and meggie coming home from the states. SO if you are in the country, you HAVE to come. I want it to be a really good night for my sister. There WILL be FOOD, but its BYOB if you want anything other than water or juice… :)

i hope to see you there.. from 7.30 on. if you need directions, or a place to stay, we can provide both things.. :)

hum. i think i need to go to bed really soon. i want to get up in the morning and be able to go to the gym before i have to get ready for work (bleurgh, work..)
so i shall say adieu.

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