who am i?

Posted: June 14, 2007 in people

was just on myspace, cos i just got a request from one of my friends from home and i don’t know who i am anymore. i was looking at her pictures and there are so many things associated with her and school that i thought i wanted and then gave up but seeing her think i want all over again- more piercings, a taste for heavy metal, liking jack daniels and jagermeister. none of which i am or have. but its like if i can be so easily influenced and saddened by her having the things that i was going to do, who does that make me? i confuse myself all the time. i enjoy things i never thought i would (electronic-influenced music, baked beans and cottage cheese to name a few) and yet thats all because of other people too.. really, who am i apart from all the people around me? who God says i am, i guess, thats still in the making, i still can’t see that girl clearly. proverbs has a “hymn to a good wife” (proverbs31.10-31) but i’m really not anywhere close to any of that (nor am i a wife). i’m not trying to put myself down lots here, i’m just trying to understand who i am, where i fit.. ach its just a strange mood i’m in.


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