life is one big draft

Posted: October 26, 2007 in people

i’ve started so many posts in the last month and then have changed my mind and deleted them- not interesting/spiritual/relevant/exciting/long enough. and either they get deleted or they are “saved as draft” and then i delete them three days later- but thats no way to go through life. life is for living.

this week has been a quiet week, but good, time to relax and spend time with people and God, creating things, writing, drawing, eating, drinking tea- my favourite hot beverage.. speaking of tea, we have some exciting new stuff in the cupboard, k brought home some zanzibar cinnamon tea and tea masala spice and cardamom and whole nutmeg from tanzania- so we’re all ready to have really good tea and spiced food… mmm… :)

i had to go the kitchen to remember exactly what it was k had brought back, so obviously that was a good time to make tea, but alas we have no milk.. so its tea with honey and lemon instead..

i’ve started making a quilt- its going well, except i haven’t done anything on it for a week or more.. i have one line of panels to sew together before i start sewing each line together.. its huge though.. :) just researching what size of sheet i’ll need to buy to make the bottom layer of it.. a king size flat sheet should do it.. but it’ll take a while to get to that stage i think… argh,.. big projects are scary, but fun. next time i make something that size i’ll need to really collect good images and t-shirts, but this one will be cool still.. i can feel it in my bones!!

my floor is completely clear for the first time in a long time, which is fairly incredible- i just need to keep it that way- tuesday, its a committee meeting at mine then emma is coming round for dinner and on wednesday we’re having a halloween/flat warming- which you are invited to, of course!

hmmm.. tomorrow i think i’m going to go to edinburgh and see my friend jen- i’ve not seen her in ages.. so hopefully it’ll be awesome.

humm, i’d forgotten- i was talking about my week… i saw lots of people. was at loch tay at the weekend, drove to glasgow and back again on the sunday in order to go to church.. that was fun.. :) my week was sponsored by: kendra laura debbie erin kate tanje james pete emma phil mum beth jenni jules stephen eilidh freya gemma gemma ali … you!



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