the happiest night

Posted: November 4, 2007 in people

hmmm.. odd sort of day really.. church, lunch, workshop, sillyness, dinner, friends, film, work.

twas fun though.

i think i’m tired and should not really write anything else or it’ll get silly and messy– i tend to write stupid things when i’m tired.

i’m making a bracelet from beads nomy brought me back from kenya.. they’re really pretty, i like them. nomy and i went to mother india cafe on saturday night- it was yummy!!! i love indian food.. pretty much, i love food. i have a friend who can’t eat chicken.. thats gotta be tough. i say that and i can’t eat bread, so i guess its similar. hmmm,,, intersting.

as you can see- that was an example of my rambling tiredness.. i am tired and things make sense in my brain so i write them down, but miss out the connection- ie, i was thinking how we ate chicken tikka and chicken with extra ginger and spinach last night and had chicken at lj and anna’s tonight and my friend couldn’t have either. but he could have the pakora… mmm.. and the dahl.. mmm..

made banana bread really late last night and then cried my eyes out at extreme makeover- home edition. heart wrenching.

mat, my gay friend from work has a date,. he’s uber-excited. aaah, he makes me laugh- a lot. if you’ve seen 40 year old virgin, then you might get our relationship- alot of our banter is about calling each other gay. though really, i should be telling mat how straight he is, since he already knows he’s gay.. ho hum. typical exchange:
mat: know how i know you’re gay?
me: how?
mat: cos dorothy thought there was no place like home.
me: know how i know you’re gay?
mat: how?
me: cos julie andrews told me
and so on and so forth. its actually hilarious, but everyone else in the world thinks we’re nutters and/or we’re nutters.

we are.

i really need to sleep, cos i have class and filming and a staff student meeting tomorrow as well as cu that i’m really unprepared for… gah!!


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