hail mary full of grace

Posted: November 5, 2007 in people

no, i haven’t become a catholic, but thats what the girl standing next to me at the bus stop said when our bus finally came. she’d been waiting nearly an hour and was late to meet her boyfriend. we were talking about how buses never came on time, but that the no9 was usually reliable and then we were talking about her life, it was so random but completely awesome. i don’t know her name, but i know she studied admin at college for a while, had a baby boy called christopher when she was going on 17 (she’s 17, nearly 18 now) her boyfriend, and christophers dad is declan, he’s a year younger, she’s just got her own flat and saving for driving lessons and a car- thats how the whole conversation started, she couldn’t wait to be driving, and how she wasn’t sure that her and declan would lastthe course. she’s going to start at college doing hairdressing cos she already works in a salon. she was so lovely, and i wish i could have talked to her more. it was only once i was off the bus i thought i could have invited her for tea- maybe someday i’ll meet her on another bus and we can talk some more.

oh, and emma, to answer your question- yes, it all went fine- thanks to God.

i like days like this..


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