do you know what your future will be?

Posted: November 12, 2007 in people

i should really be getting ready to leave for uni.. and i will in two minutes.

but i thought i’d say something first. not sure exactly what, but… i was reading a blog earlier today about waiting for the person you will marry, praying for them etc.. and though i admire that sentiment and discipline, i’m not that convinced that i’m going to get married.. hmm.. thats an intersting thought right there- some people will refute that, and i would like one day to be married with kids, but who says i can’t just adopt? or work in an orphanage? or any of the other million of options.

one thing i know- i have a heart for people. though i get grumpy and annoyed and want to be on my own sometimes (hmm, quite a lot this week, sorry guys..) and what have you, i enjoy doing things for people.. i guess i like to be needed. not always a good way to live. but thats how it goes. i gotta run now.. workshops beckon!


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