i’m being seduced

Posted: November 19, 2007 in people

by wordpress.. it does look exciting.. but i feel like i’d be breaking up a long standing friendship were i to move… like divorce almost. i’ve had this baby four years (?) now. and i have an oversized blogger jumper too. hmm…

other than that, lots of good things about today, i had fun at placement, drank lots of tea.. mmmm.. yum. and talked to mocha, the cutest dog ever. got a fair bit of play writing done- 7pages and counting.. woohoo!! only another 50 or 60 to go. not much really.. ha ha ha. !!

in other news, i went to church twice yesterday and actually went forward for prayer both times. good experiences. reminds me why i should go up more often and really why i should make friends with more of the pastoral team.. not that i don’t love all my other friends.. its just funny the way some people immediately get to really know the leaders of a church and others don’t… anyhoo…

thats all for now i think.

  1. emma says:

    wordpress is beautiful :-)

    but yes, it is initially like getting a divorce. though then its much better.

    that now sounds like im condoning divorce. only blog-divorce.

    Sunday was good :)

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