edom had it coming…. right?

Posted: November 22, 2007 in people

so i’m reading the book of obadiah. i’ve read it three times in three days now. its a short book. 21 verses. so maybe 50 sentences or so. not a lot. but it says quite big things- like be kind to your brothers nation, even though you hate them. (edomites were the descendents of Esau and israelites of Jacob, the brothers that fought a lot.) and that your day will come to be judged so don’t be too harsh, don’t sell people out to their enemies and gloat about it and don’t think you’re safe wherever you are- money won’t protect you, nor can your friends…

but the thing thats really cool is that after wreaking destruction on the whole edomite race, God puts the israelites back in charge where they reign fairly and justly. so thats nice. even though they were persecuted, they ain’t gonna take an eye for an eye.

so those are my random thoughts on obadiah. i’ll let you knowe as i have more. jo mango’s hootenany was awesome tonight- you should have been there.

sleepy time for suzi!


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