no music day

Posted: November 22, 2007 in people

i was reading a skinny mag article the other day at work that was talking about how this one guy decided that 21st november would be the day he listened to no music inorder to get a better understanding of it. i can’t rember all that much about it, nor can i be bothered to pick my skinny off the floor and reread it, so you’ll all just have to go out and pick up iss.26 with a picture of the darjeeling limited on the front and read the interview.

anyway, i was thinking about joining in with him and radio scotland and having a no music day. but then i realised i had teickets for jo mangos hootenany. which was great fun and included lots of new music that i’d never heard, so you know, thats got to be a goodthing… onyhoo.. i’m procrastinating. i need to get some work done. its hard though. i’m going to set myself a target and then i’ll do something fun… four pages of dialogue? that sounds reasonable-ish. wish me luck.

  1. Nodders says:

    I read the Skinny too, and unfortunately I picked it up later than no music day, but I was very suprised that BBC Radio Scotland had actually ceased to play music for a whole day.

    There is actually very little time in my day that doesn’t have music playing in the background, and when there’s nothing I’m singing or whistling myself. I think it would be a harder habit to quit than said, even for a day.

  2. suz says:

    indeed.. it would be very hard..
    and i was also surprised to read about radio scotland- sadly no chance was had to listen to them that day.. ho hum.

    off to finish a fundingapplication and learn more about the history of the bagel- courtesy of Jim and wikipedia… ah!

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