you gotta breathe in and out

Posted: November 24, 2007 in life, people

funny how the simplest things seem really profound sometimes…

anyway, i was walking home tonight all fired up to write about leviticus and then i … didn’t. i got sidetracked making my sisters christmas present.. still not sure how that one will work out- thats what happens when you try to add in too many things…

anyway, so, leviticus- well, we’re up to chapter 16 now and there have been a few significant moments, like the first 7chapters and all the detail therein about sacrifices. then other things and most recently ch16 itself that talks about the holy of holies and how a priest should respect it as well as the day known as Yom Kippur- the day of atonement- our spring clean.

the book has really made me realise how lightly i take God and His promises to me- like, the israelites had to over continual sacrifices to make sure they were right with God and be really specific in asking for forgiveness and thats a real challenge- i find it really hard to be so specific, and i sin unintentionally all the time too. God has a sacrifice for that too. there are so many rules, but there are also so many good reasons for them. You must be holy because I am Holy- lev 15. kirsty and i had a really good conversation about our section. i think i need to reread it and rethink it tomorrow. if i don’t post my thoughts, shout at me.

in other news… jules and i have doubled the length of the script we’re writing today which is really really really food news.. :) yay! just a couple of all-nighters away from a complete draft.. uhm, so when i said “food” news, i meant good, but maybe it was freudian and i’m really hungry?? i think i might bake tomorroe too, since i don’t get to go home or to the camp reunion… both sad things.

oh goodness, it takes a very long time for photos to upload to photobox… but we are close. once its done i get to sleep. hurrah!!! :)



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