to remind you where to stop

Posted: November 30, 2007 in life, people
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i have a couple wise friends. one told me today that i should look after myself after i answered her question: how are you doing at looking after yourself? with: er.. not well..?

so, i had catherine (another wise person..) over for sillyness.. we made sock puppets, and laughed a lot! it was awesome. this evening has been an evening for laughing lots. i like it. kirsty and i were really silly and hyper in starbucks afrer some caffeine and good leviticus chat and some pen borrowage (of my pen) by a beardy boy reading into the wild and exclaiming at things. it was awesome. we left the staff a note on a napkin along the lines: thanks for making coffee for us and clearing up after us- we’re messy people. i love red cups. i love gingerbread lattes. ps jesus loves you.

thats how it goes- you gotta tell the truth- get it out there!!

my room smells weird.. kinda uhu-y but weirder…
i am tired and i hoovered today- thats the excitement of my life!!!!!!! :)


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