maybe they knew more than we do

Posted: December 30, 2007 in everything else

well, merry christmas!

its been a busy old time around here. working in glasgow, not writing essays, trying to write essays deciding its not going to happen right now and trying not to feel guilty….

we had family friends round yesterday. it was lots of fun, we made a book. the story went something like this: “it was a stormy night / there was snow / it turned into a snow storm / but inside it was nice and warm. it was christmas! / josh and ellie gave their aunty flowers for christmas / outside it was snowing a lot / everyone went out for a walk in the woods / they saw lots of pretty leaves / then they went back home where it was warm. ”

i think thats roughly how it went. Josh (2 and a half) drew the storms and stuck on the flowers. ellie (5) drew the other pictures and stuck on lots of leaves and things. I (20) cut out the tree shaped front cover and wrote the words for them. josh decorated with lots of feathers. it was a lovely book. uncle puncle took it home with him.. :)

i think i will create some sort of resolutions/things i’d like to do next year list for 2008. my, 2008 already… hmmm.

if, as i have been thinking, i do move onto wordpress, i’ll do it in the new year… ah its all so complicated.. but maybe a new start for a new year would be good…??


it was a good day yesterday. today, not so. i decided i needed to get going with some of my essays… didn’t get all that far. i think i shall have a break for a bit, do something fun- like cook or bake oir vegetate in front of the tv… and get ready for the excitement that is hogmanay tomorrow- not that i have any plans- none whatsoever,…. bit sad really. but hey ho.. maybe i’ll make a puppet instead. that would be fun. I LOVE having access to a sewing machine. it makes me very happy. i shall have to learn to make trousers… and then i could make beautiful baggy purple cords… oh, how cool would that be??? so cool… hmmm.. a project for 2008 me thinks.

i have a few things i’d like to learn to do. not least crocheting. i hope jim managed to make that hat.. haha. :)

anyhoo.. i hope you are all habing very merry and contented christmasses and if you’re not, know people care for you and are thinking of you..


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