now i believe in something

Posted: January 6, 2008 in everything else

i’m turning into an emotional wreck… last night i was crying my eyes out at the end of “the book thief” ( i won’t ruin the ending, suffice it to say that it is sad!) and then earlier tonight i was in a state over RENT… its not fun.
well, it kinda is. but not really.
ah shut up.

anyhoo, so there are a few things on my mind- a descision to make, an essay that MUST be finished tomorrow.. along with pictures (er… of what? i have no photos.. no ideas… oh! i know, first year placement photos, they’ll do.. ha! one good thing has come of my late night.. yippee!) and then all thee rest of them to do after that.. i need to get my hair cut.. my dad might be bringing me big speakers for the old ipod- cos they are a bit faulty and the company sent him new ones and as far as we know they don’t want them back.. i tidied my room tonight.. its looking pretty good.. i even sorted out my cupboard, tidied up my clothes- of which i probably have too many..

oh yeah, a couple extra “resolutions”:

*to learn how to do more things with the sewing machine

*make a pair of trousers

*have less stuff- or at least be less attached to what i have. here todaygone tomrrow.

i need to hoover my room.. but thats ok, i can do that tomorrow when i’m ignoring the essay that MUST be written.

the first distraction of the day.. church :) not a distraction as such, but time i am taking off to do something good with. but then its straight home and to work for me.. ahhhh.. how i love that word. not.

go to sleep!!

night night.

may your year be blessed, all you say and all you do.

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