2007:a year in review

Posted: January 11, 2008 in everything else

well, now, thats a mighty formal title for a post thats really just a bit of a ramble about the past year.. i think this is becoming a bit of a habit…

so, last year.

january: uhm.. i took on a position on jordanhill cu committee.. i started placement with giant, all those jolly japes. less fun, bobs dad passed and i went to his funeral.

february: hmm.. i wish i had last years diary here to remind me wgat all happened, sadly its at home in newport. uhm, just more placement i think.. had some really good times at housegroup…

march: mums birthday, easter holidays? camp? planning for cu.. leaders weekend??
started reading the bible along that read it in a year type style… didn’t last all that long. started looking for a new flat.. not particularly fun, but hey ho. it happened.

april: spring harvest!!! amazing!! er.. easter hols and camp were april not march.. oh well.. good chats with people, starting planning freshers week and mentalness like that..

may: uhm… lots of assignments, finalising the flat business, uhrm… art in the environment, flat cooling party (bizarrely early, but kendra was off to other countries.. ah, bless)

june: still doing the chapter a day thing.. though may have missed some out.. oops..
went to the states to pick up megs from school and for a holiday.. good fun all round. lots of bridge was played.. :)

july: moved out of kersland hmmm.. where to start, a mammoth run of camps and weddings.. so, creative arts then urban back to back, two weddings, with a week in between to rest, then watersports… another wedding and a yard sale. all go.

august: moved into the new flat, travelled between fife and glasgow a fair bit… worked..

september:read habakkuk 3.17-19 again. love that passage. just enjoyed being in glasgow, prepared for freshers week, got ready for class, worked, met people for coffee… all that fun stuff.. :)

october: another slightly mental month- freshers week, a haloween party, uni work, work work, catching up with folk properly.. jhcu beginning the process of thinking about merging with strath earlier rather than later.. stress..

november: eventually decided to join strath at christmas… eek! i got the YES!!! feeling about where i was in life, with God etc, realised that i’d made an extra really good friend or two in the past couple of months.. and i quote “ah, God is good. good friends & good scripture- thats all you need. Praise the Lord.” so i was in a good place… placement started, with all the mentalness of that, we started talking as a big huge comittee about who should be on next years joint committee…

december: i was uber excited about christmas!! saw bob and marie (his wife!! how exciting!) for mulled wne and mince pies along with the rest of the dogs.. met up with more friends, enjoyed making all my christmas gifts this year.. i like the feeling of knowing that you’ve made something that someone is going to really enjoy.. i also enjoyed not being stressed since i was giving a secret santa and gifts to my family… ha! no stress for suzi! woohoo.

and then it was christmas and now its january.
and i’m not sure where i’mstarting the year from, but hopefully God’ll clear all that up for me and i’ll get to go away on mission in the summer and will pass third year and get to start final year in october, and will be able to be really effective in serving the cu in whatever capacity… hmmm.. so lots to think about for this year…

like emmsy said: live simply. love extravagantly. pursue jesus.

  1. emma says:

    wow… a good year… touched that you like my tag line… here’s to 2008 being filled with many more stories…

  2. suz says:

    indeed a good year.. :)
    i told you before i liked it, not that much of a surprise really.

    see you soon..

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