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Posted: February 2, 2008 in not much to say, people, religion/relationship
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i actually decided to move from blogger to wordpress.. and after changing my mind several times about the layout/url/etc etc, i think i’m a little happy about it now…

its been a long week this week, what with classes starting, 24/5 prayer, working, reading..

 i spent a lot of time praying on wednesday night- i was in the prayer room 11pm-6am. it drained me, but in a good way, i was really excited about the things that were going on- events happening next week, people just getting together to pray about their friends, family, the whole city.

God is just so good to me sometimes- there were things i was really convicted of that night, and things i had to recognise, which He just brought to my attention.. and He gave me the strength to get through it all.. i think i slept maybe 3 1/2 hours that night, but it was ok, i was awake and concentrated throughmy class and a conversation with emma (good chat btw, ) which was cool.. i ended the day on a bit of a caffeine rush, talking really really fast and fidgetting and laughing a lot, but thats ok..

so today i moved my room around a bit.. it looks good.. i was just not satisfied with how it was looking, did some french knitting, made bread, watched the end of gregory’s girl… pretty soon i’ll need to go and make some dinner (beans on toast, yum yum yum!!!) and then head off to work. ah, the joys. i’ve been on a bit of a crafting craze the past couple of weeks… maybe some day i’ll get my act together and photograph some of the stuff i make.. maybe not though..

my current project is a pompom mobile. it is going to be awesome. promise.

started reading surprised by joy, but haven’t got far cos i decided i needed to read a novel before another serious book (well, seriouser than a novel..) so i’m rereading tears of the giraffe (another excellent book) before getting properly stuck into lewis.

 i’m quite excited to go to church in the morning.. it should be good.. i enjoy church a lot most of the time.. sometimes its just too damn challenging, but mostly its a great time of fellowship with a bit of challenge thrown in… :)

anyway, i should get on.

oh, my parents just bought a house.. moving to edinburgh next month!

  1. suzysue says:

    uh.. you’re welcome.

  2. debradocus says:

    WE WILL TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS. I reckon we could set up a mini-studio in your room…oh it could be so beautiful. Love you

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