what to do?

Posted: February 11, 2008 in life
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i’ve been perusing the various sites on the internet for a while now, looking at all the people doing things to help other people, by making shoes or by creating t-shirts, or just doing anything they can to raise awareness of how we damage each other.

there’s a lot of hope going around these days. nothing is hopeless. God is watching over us.

i’ve just started reading the problem of pain by cs lewis. its good so far. much better than cultural studies or writing a play.. oops.

talking of hope- billy was talking about that on sunday. it was good, i like to hear that even through the toughest times there is always the hope of something better, a way of behaving. in every fall there is a chance to get up again- just like eric liddel in chariots of fire- a film i love. genuinely. though its been ages since i last saw it…



it’s a great thing.


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