this is what i was thinking on the 10/01/06

Posted: February 12, 2008 in everything else, life
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an email i never sent said this:

I’ve had a sucky weekend. david and roz were up for bens birthday, and they were staying at bens. so i was gonna go out with them after i’d been to work, but no-one told me where they were going til too late, and since i wasn’t in the mood to go to campus til 2 or 3am, i went home on my own. which was ok. the walk up was no scarier than ever before. colder but not scarier. saturday was good, to begin with. i met david and roz for coffee in beanscene (well, i stood at the tube, freezing for half an hour cos they missed their first bus) which was nice, we had a nice chat and they were thinking of staying at mine overnight. as it turned out, they didn’t, cos ben didn’t take the hint etc..anyway, i went to work, first shift was fine, but then i lost helena so i didn’t go to cafe hula for good food, i got crap food (in comparison) from sainsburies. blugh. then the second shift was madness. kristi was ill. the dress bar was shut, so upper (where i was) was mobbed. i had to cash up progs, count ice creams etc very fast, then help pour interval drinks. then i worked on the bar in the interval. its hell. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
oh yeah, and i didn’t get out til 10.45 and i had to wait til 11.30 to get my keys from roz and see them into the garage cos i didn’t have enough money to go out and then get home. so that was pants.
church this morning was really good though, it was a good sermon and i got to chat to a load of folks i knew. so that was nice. went for lunch at whistlers mother with debbie and her friend.. then to beanscene (for a location change) to get h/choc and cheesecake.. got a bus to meet gokboz and scott to go to kirkie baptist evening service. today was good. i was just tired and kept feeling like i was missing out on something.
yesterday when i got home after work (at after 12) i came in to find that everyone had been to tchaiovna and i was quite jealous. i really want to go and it was stupid and irrational but i wanted to tell people about it cos my friend mike told me. but i haven’t even been. i just kinda felt like a total reject.
so that was where i was at two years ago.
i am much more settled now.

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