plow up the hard ground of your heart

Posted: February 17, 2008 in everything else


it was valentines day on Thursday. i like valentines day- even though i am, as Erin so beautifully put it, “a sad bastard” being single on valentines and all, but that’s ok, because i have lots of lovely friends and a mother who sends things.. :)

 its hard to know what to say, what should i tell you. that i have no control over my emotions? that i have times where i can’t formulate an articulate sentence? that i’m pissed off that i’m only graded on my coursework from now on? that i have no idea what i’m going to write about for my dissertation, but that i need a good question in two weeks time? that i miss a lot of people?

yesterday was my last ever Dundee day for uccf- i am officially off committee and since i’m a third year i won’t be on again, but that’s ok. and it was a good day, good teaching, fun banter with lots of people and lots of laughing and then i went to Bob’s for his birthday party.. oh, spare wheel was i ever? i’d forgotten that the whole gang are now plus one. and i’m still just the weird one. not plus. but it was really good fun, i do love the guys and their girls and it was nice to see everyone.. but just a wee bit strange.

i’ve been thinking about flats for next year and we’re still not at all sure what the craic is there..

i deleted my bebo today. i haven’t been on in ages. i might delete facebook soon too. but i might not.

baby hope deals the hardest blows.

i love foy vance.

i gave rach her bible on Friday there. it was lovely- we sat drinking tea and talking about foreign travel and she was excited to get to read the whole bible. i love rachel- she’s so passionate and compassionate. she might be going out to south africa in june for 6months to do research about attachment disorders in order to help people out there understand how important dedicated caregivers are, to educate the orphanages and give the country hope for a better future- its just amazing.

been really enjoying the old rooiboos tea.. it properly grows on you.

  1. emmsy says:

    i love foy vance too. you should go see him on thurs and tell me how it is. hope does deal the hardest blow sometimes, but it is still so much more preferable than the alternative. valentines schmalentines. i also dislike the day.

  2. emmsy says:

    *i dislike the day (since you don’t!)

  3. suzysue says:

    i will go see foy.. but probably on friday, not thursday… but yeah.. its gonna be awesome.
    *valentines- you make me laugh. my feelings vary- so both statements are true :)
    enjoy the world of the US!

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