shooting dogs

Posted: February 21, 2008 in musings on life and death, people
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joe: who’re they?

francoise(hutu): they’re tutsi

you asked me wher God was in all of this suffering. He’s here, suffering with them. His love is here, stronger than i have ever felt it before.

you know, i wanted to make a difference… sometimes i catch myself think, well done joe, you’re starring in your own oxfam ad.

-how many ‘acts of genocide’ does it take to make a Genocide?

-i’m not authorised to answer that…

i don’t think i can describe this film to you- it is the best and the worst film i have ever seen.. so much evil in the world, so many lies. but also such hope. hope being the only thing that endures, that burns.

its been a long week, full of highs and lows, my friends back home just had a baby, whilst other friends have been bereaved, losing a great friend. its been a strange week, seems to be going by in a bit of a blur, and its not over yet.

anyway. i need my sleep,so i shall leave you.

  1. emmsy says:

    this is also one of the most thought-provoking, disturbing, needed films I have ever watched… I now own a copy (actually its somewhere in Edinburgh right now as I lent it to Dan)… its so heartbreaking and yet so hopeful too. I’m glad you watched it.

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