i like my new bunny suit

Posted: February 28, 2008 in life
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so this week…

bought the juno soundtrack. officially the cd of the moment. love it!

joined this yesterday

am struggling to research the literature around my research question which sucks btw.


i slept well.

but i have to go to class in a couple hours which means i have to get up from these beanbags and shower..

i type with one hand only. kendra likes to laugh at that. in a non-nasty way. :)

washing to hang up..

  1. emmsy says:

    wow… that sketchbook project looks awesome…

    as for Juno… what an awesome film. and an awesome soundtrack also. soundtrack to my life right now is actually something I don’t listen to much… hillsong. rediscovering how incredible some of their lyrics are.

    also playing through the ipod with much joy:

    foy vance: hope
    misty edwards: relentless
    gabrielle: dreams
    once soundtrack

    glad foy was good last week… missed being there.

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