whats in a name?

Posted: March 2, 2008 in life
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God has quite literally stolen our identity. To steal means to take something with no intention of returning it.

i was just reading a really good article at relevant.com that was talking about how we are named for a reason and how names used to really mean something, that God has great plans for us and sometime we can see them in our names..

anyway,  i enjoyed it and thought you might too.

 i know, i should be working, but i’m not, so naaa.

i would like to be named for great things. for great things that are only great for one person. for help. for shelter. solidarity. friendship. hospitality.

i went to whiteinch today cos my church had gone on holiday- ie to gartmore house for a church weekend. so instead my dad amd mum were through and we went to whiteinch- well, not mum cos she was doing some tearfcraft fair trade thing.. it was fun we went to visit her.. and then dad took us to nandos for lunch (YUM!) and ikea. i have a lovely new chair. you are welcome to come sit on it. its very comfy.


i don’t think i have more to say, oh i should be leaving the house..

  1. emmsy says:

    i like that article too. thanks for the link-up.

    if it counts, you do great things in my life. i’m very thankful for you.

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