life, it’s a funny old thing…

Posted: March 8, 2008 in life
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so i’m not really sure how to start this story…

maybe from the beginning- thats usually a good point to start at, right?

i was working last night- on link so i was late out (well, than most other people) and so didn’t get the bus/tube with kenny cos she’d already gone… la la la, went home all normal, saw graham outside the thornwood on my way up from the bus, had a wee chat, meaning to just say hello and then head on home, instead i get suckered in to sitting in the pub til closing being deafened by the kareoke (sp?) and having some banter with graham- our next door neighbour. it was bizarre. but fun.

he’s an interesting person- with a lot of stories, but i think my favourite bit from last night was when we started chatting to these two older ladies who were sitting next to us (well, older than me, don’t know actually how old they were) and they started giving me all this advice- “choose a man thats your age” “ah, na, screw it, ditch men, you don’t need them…” (giving graham the elbow as she does it) it was a beautiful moment in my life.

just talking to laura about it all, it seems like there’s a period just now of us thornwood girls getting chatted up/watched by (strange? mostly the strange ones come in vans…) people- i even got chatted up a bit on the bus by a lesbian.. that was a surreal experience to be sure…

but you know what i mean? life is a strange thing and if we don’t have some really good friends around us, we end up drinking away our cares with strangers..

i did though get introduced to a great new band last night- the black keys (do the jigsaw for a fun surprise)

i love life.



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