how can you know what love means?

Posted: March 9, 2008 in life, love, people
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i just had an awesome weekend. father o’kenny mckenzie took our morning service as we walked round a bit of loch lomond. sadly, the rain started up again and so a pub was a much pleasanter option.. she’s promised me an evening service as well… think i might go to a real church instead.. :)

yeah, so this weekend we surprised kenny and took her away to loch lomond for the night, all six of us together- it was beautiful.. i’m sure debbie will have pictures up soon… but yeah, awesome cos it was a total surprise for k-dizzle. she had absolutely no idea- we’d told her (with collaboration from the awesome 4word crew) that we had a 4word/myt training weekend.. in balloch. which luckily she’d never heard of.. so, off debbie and laura went, laura to “work” and then grants place, debbie for lunch and to visit her grandad… me and kenny to the train station.. where i promptly had to pee- opened the huge silver box of a toilet door and there they were, four crazy girls with a big sign singing happy birthday. it was sooooo cool. i’m priviledged to have these girls as my friends and flatmates.

even though it did rain a lot of the time, we had lots of fun, a wee trip to luss, a nice pub dinner- with birthday cake as one of 4 (yes, FOUR) courses (man were we ever full.. but not so full we couldn’t eat sweets all evening too.. :) woohoo) and general banter, oh and the best bit-

 we stayed in a castle!! and we were in a TURRET! it was immense. it makes me smile a lot thinking about it. in fact this whole weekend, starting with friday night, makes me smile a lot. i love having friends and living in glasgow and the banter that goes on here…

i just feel so good right now, even if i haven’t done any work today. its been so good..

  1. hollybunch says:

    thanks for the comment… so good seeing u 2n… your laugh is still awesome!!

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