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Posted: March 10, 2008 in life, love, people
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i guess i’ve been reminded a lot recently of how good life and God is/are. been reading in jeremiah about how when we repent and go back to him, God is always excited to have us back and to do great things with us..

i dunno whats turned it all around again.. for a while there i was really stuck in a rut, various things hanging over me (work, uni, arts stuff, work, deadlines, work, money) am i guess it was getting me down- anti-socialness etc, but recently i’ve just had this huge grin all the time, i know i still have a heck of a lot to do, am still a destitute student, can only make a difference one person at time, have no real idea what to do after uni, but right now- that doesn’t matter. i have been blessed with great friends, priviledged to be a chosen daughter of God, and i can make a difference- to someone. just one person, at one time. and i’m ok with that. in fact i’m more than ok, i’m ecstatic.

a friend just commented in an email that i seem to be on really good form, another that i still have an amazing laugh (oh, do i ever… heehee) and i think these are the things that i know are true just now. i think i’m in love again- with jesus, with what he’s given me, with my life.

i don’t even care that its raining, i love the rain. and i love the fact that lauras boyfriend made us all bacon butties for breakfast today- its just been such a great weekend and i am determined that this week is going to be beautiful as well…

i’m just so excited about everything at the moment.. i have my sim interview on saturday which i’m looking forward to a stupid amount.. trying to sort out romania- i just amn’t going to worry abou the dates, whatever is meant to happen will happen, for sure.

just thought of something- i was at whiteinch last week with my dad and sister and one of the youth leaders who i’ve only met once before was really surprised that i had brought my whole family, she said to debbie- is that grammar’s whole family? debbie was like, yep, why? and she wasa bit confused cos she didn’t know i was a christian- from the one meeting we’ve ever had… but i’m not worried about that- i know i’m not your “typical” christian, and though i did once have a big worry about a comment someone made along that vein (oh, didn’t know you were a christian) i think a lot more of my life speaks for itself rather than the small glimpses people see.. i know that i have a relationship (however shaky at times) with the big G, and thats really all that matters.. (oh in case you didn’t understand, i’m known as the grammar sherriff in whiteinch circles- shortened to grammar usually- long story.)

if you were a wink i’d be a nod if you were a seed well i’d be the pod if you were a rug i’d wanna be the floor, and if you were a kiss i know i’d be the hug…

(barry louis polisar and his imitator)

  1. emmsy says:

    i was just listening to that song!! it’s awesome. life is so very good. i am greatly looking forward to a long conversation with you upon my return to beautiful glasgow.

  2. suz says:

    me too.. its been a very long time.
    life IS great!

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