let your armour down

Posted: March 19, 2008 in life, musings on life and death, people, religion/relationship
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it been a nice day, not really done much (ie was still in my pajamas til about 3…) but its been good.. i had guacamole and cottage cheese for lunch it was yummy yummy. and then i registered at the library (bit of a pointless exercise since they really didn’t have the extensive selection of books i was hoping for -shame on you glasgow city council, shame!- nor any exciting crafting ones either), but that was fun cos the guy that registered me was (fit/hot/shug/foreign/delete as appropriate) (man, i can’t type well today, i don’t know whats wrong with me, i keep having to delete and retype. it’s horrendous. i know i don’t like to capitalise properly but i do like to spell and have at least passable grammar. guh.) so that was my excitement for today.

i am going to housegroup tonight for the first time in a while- it’s gonna be great- even if we are just mostly handing out flyers.. :) oh yeah, you’re all invited to my church sunday for an easter service and/or a BBQ lunch… but i won’t be there.. sorry!

i’m heading home this weekend for my mum’s birthday- though i’ll miss her actual day sadly cos thats on friday and i’m working friday evening… she’s having a party next saturday (29th) for folks, but i can’t go to that either cos i’m working that day. its a sad situation, but we’ll do something while i’m home for a couple days. though it will be a bit of a strange weekend- easter weekend, but also four years (on saturday) since Nicky died. yup, another march comes and goes and i won’t go through it without mentioning nick at least once- check the archives, every year, without fail since 2004, in march and/or april. but i guess this is just one of my ways of remembering her.

anyhoo. weird- i just noticed how the arrow cursor (and clicky hand too) has a little shaow under it, so it looks more like its floating.. how bizarre.

i’m quite enjoying dashboard confessional today.

its been a while since i thought about music really. how it can influence your thoughts and mood and feelings.. but i think it does. we watched high fidelity the other night- awesome movie, awesome book, great soundtrack (though the cd is a bit disappointing)- and john cusak has a great line at the start: did i listen to pop music because i was depressed, or was i depressed because i listened to pop music? (shoulder shrug, who knows expression) but its true- people do get profoundly influenced by what they’re listening to…

just read “twilight” by stephenie meyer (too many ‘e’s in that name for my liking..) which was fun.. one of the girls at youth theatre insisted i read it. it was fun, actually. i haven’t read “young adult” or however its branded now, fiction in a while, i forgot how much i like it. nothing is too weird for that. and yet its safe- there’s no graphic sex or violence or gore, its just a great story… i love to read, i love to empathise with another character become someone else for a wee while, so it was fun to just do nothing but read for a morning… reading and cooking are some of my favourite pastimes- so books that have food or recipes in them? even better. but mostly i like people. and talking.

on that i should probably go do something else… :)

  1. emmsy says:

    bbq at church on sunday?! whats the dealio…?

  2. suz says:

    the vineyard are doing a big outreach to the community thing, free BBQ after church this sunday, easter sunday, service etc as usual…
    food from 1.30.
    you’re invited!

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