easter- its all about chocolate, right?

Posted: March 24, 2008 in religion/relationship

emma wrote a little post the other day about easter.. and it prompted me to write this- which i had been thinking about for a while.

easter this year was weird. early, and just a bit.. rushed? i barely realised it was this weekend before it happened.. and its almost all over now, being easter monday and all that jazz. i guess i didn’t put much effort into it anyway either, so its probably at least partly my fault.. i worked on good friday (and do regret it- mostly because the show was so bad. none of us liked it who were working, and i just couldn’t believe they would have a show in such bad taste on on good friday.) but that was mostly because i didn’t really realise it was easter weekend when i put in my rota…

see how badly prepared i was for this season- and its the most important one in our calendar.

i think partly maybe it was also because of everything else going on around this time- mum turned 50 on friday, its been four years since nicky died on saturday, we had a birthday lunch out on sunday for mum, its all just a bit disjointed and weird. i’ve been reading jeremiah (as you’ll have gathered) and it is is so much about obedience, and i really haven’t been that obedient recently.. prayer is hard work.

this is all a bit disjointed.

 anyway, hope you all had a good easter.


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