an indescriminate act of kindness

Posted: April 1, 2008 in life, people
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i love it when things just go right..

randomly spent a lot of time with one friend this week, but more specifically this weekend- we met as we were both walking home at 2am (new time) saturday night/sunday morning then had lunch after church and went to the cinema sunday night, so it sunday evening after we’d waved his sister and friend off back to linlithgow (yup, actually crazy, driving through to glasgow just for a film.. though i once drove to falkirk to watch madagascar… but i was there longer than just the length of the film… anyway) so, we were off for coffee, but everywhere was closed/closing, so ended up in peckhams for takeaway.. which just made my night beautiful cos the lovely foy vance was on the radio when we walked in and i got banter from the boy making our coffees and then ended up with free beverages since the soy milk that was all they had left wouldn’t foam… it was banterful.

so several unique occurences from sunday- the group high five/victory five for managing to steal the meridian, making greenwich the place to be, timewise. my first vanilla soy latte/white coffee foy style for free after watching horton hears a who. which is, by the way, a beautiful film.. those were the two unique things i think..

then yesterday was another beautiful day, good chat with ms boyd in the evening and just the general banter of beautiful weather- before the hideous weather of today… though i had a couple really nice random as chats with folk today.

i’ve finished jeremiah. man thats a cool book, just full of the truth of who God is and what will happen when we don’t obey (there’s a point, several of my friends are convinced we’re in the end times, that we’re really close to the final stages of the prophesy in revelation.. which is pretty damn scary.) and yet the hope for israel that is Gods faithfulness. cos God keeps saying- i will restore you, i will restore you, i will restore you. it’s beautiful. i’m actually so excited right now about reading the entire bible (oops, still haven’t really done that) but i reckon since i’ve got some of the hard books out the way (leviticus, jeremiah, job) i’m on to a winner.. :) woo hoo) so i’ve started on james. its another beautiful book… looking forward to my week with it.

oh, and i just ordered a cd.. i think today is the day for spending money. it means that i can’t spend any for next couple days/week. hmm.. thats ok.

started reading jesus for president (oh my, one of the most beautiful books i’ve ever borrowed) and also nick hornby’s long way down. an interesting mixture, granted but it wasn’t intentional.

i better get on and do some work… gah, student bum.


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