the florida outpouring…

Posted: May 29, 2008 in people, religion/relationship
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so, i really wasn’t sure what i thought about this.. and i’m still not sure cos i’m not there and i’ve no first hand experience of it, have heard both positive and negative things about it, but as my very wise flatmate said- you know, we can’t judge anyone else’s heart. its a personal thing i guess. i think i’d be uncomfortable with it and from watching the GodTV slots, i’m really turned off to it, but then, thats my problem.

i really do think its all about your heart in these things, i’d be open to the charismatic stuff, but i really haven’t been in that context.

i’m really excited about the things that are going to happen this summer and i reckon its going to really be a time where God grows me and teaches me all new things about myself and about Himself. I am quite scared and excited and nervous and excited and.. excited.. its all drawing closer amd closer… I’m going to be offline for the time i’m in Pakistan simply because we really don’t have internet out there, but doubtless there will be millions of stories to tell after that…

my computer keeps telling me there is a corrupt file.. i really don’t know what to do with that information…


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