poo? who said anything about poo?

Posted: July 23, 2008 in life
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coralie, you’re wrong! they were fascinated by poo chat at the romania meeting tonight… hmmm.. perhaps its something about foreign countries- lets be honest, you loved it really.. :)

anyway, that wasn’t what i was really here to talk about, i have been reminded that i joined up for a crafting ‘pay it forward’ where i, in turn for recieving one hand made item, promise to send 3 out to anyone who will promise the same thing… so, c’mon, i know there are more of you out there that read this than there used to be… who wants in? i make good stuff, honest!


mmm.. so what little pakistan story can i leave you all with?

how about: ‘there were five, five constipated men in the bible, in the bible…’ if you want more- ask coralie!


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