total and complete power over you

Posted: August 24, 2008 in life
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i’m sitting watching friends, sick, and slightly emotional. just finished reading ‘goodnight beautiful’ by dorothy koomson and it made me cry an inappropriate amount. like i really seriously didn’t know i needed to cry that badly, or that i would need a whole forest to blow my nose on. it’s been a good day.

i really hate having head colds.

but i am excited that i get to go to connect with laura next weekend- you know what that means, right- FOY! oh, joy!

i had such a good week this week, belfast for a couple days was lovely and me and debbie had a great time on the tourbus, and then i had a nice day yesteday while debs was at another wedding. today i got a wedding invite- its all go…

and the advert where the car bounces on the trampoline makes me really happy.

but i should go now. i think there was something i really wanted to say, but i’m not sure what it was now.

  1. DC says:

    i fun suzi and belfast

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