do whatever turns you on

Posted: September 4, 2008 in life, love
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i like aberfeldy a lot. the place as well. i was talking about the band though.

in other news, my friends are getting married near aberfeldy. the place.

i have just spent a lot of my day tidying my room. it’s been needing it. and i feel good for doing it, though i’m not yet finished.

i’ve also been having a bit of a clean house as far as the big G is concerned. had a bit of a patch there where i read very little of my bible and was generally not very committed, but i read jonah yesterday and today and i think i might start micah tomorrow. i’m kinda excited about that.

oh and i got photos from the big P so i might post a few of those soon.. maybe.. :)

right, room to finish tidying…


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