Posted: October 14, 2008 in everything else


its been a while.

i’m beginning to find the words to describe all the many myriad experiences of this summer. maybe soon i’ll have the pictures to go along with that. i hope so.

it’s been so good to be back, settled. seeing folk again. just enjoying this short season of peace.

seasons of peace don’t really last long around here, but since i’ve stopped for a bit, i’ve ended up with a cold to beat all colds. which means i’ve been moaning. but i’m not doing that here. its been a funny period so far this year (academically speaking, more than calendar-ally?) class is startingup slowly and there are a lot of things that i need yo do for that, books that need to be read etc etc, but for the past three days, i’ve been feeling unmotivated, so there has been little actual work getting done round here. by me anyway, my flatmates do a lot of work. so, i’ve made mittens, participated in creating a beautiful painting (come round for coffee its in the hall) and generally been a bum rather than work.

feeling a bit hormonal too, so today, after i’d been to the library and gone for a swim, i went up to put a cheque in the bank and then go food shopping. went to tesco maryhill since i already had a bus ticket. got my basket, picked up my groceries and got really stressed about it all. i ended up using the self service tills- with the conveyor belt (i don’t like them much. i like human interaction) which was a hard task since i had to scan all my stuff then run down, afetr paying and pack it. and someone else came along right after me, literally, i had paid and just started to pack when he started scanning his food and it all got mixed up with mine and it just wanted to cry. boooooo. after i asked him not to steal the milk i had paid for, it was ok, he got his stuff and left and the helpful boy watching out for the self serve section came and put a barrier thing up so i could pack in peace. phufh. sigh of relief. out for a bus. home. eat some cheese and rice cakes. and a lot of dates.

boy, it’s been a long day already, and i’ve not done much.

housegroup tonight and i’m excited. wahooo.

pictures some other time. i promise. and i’ll print some soon.


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