too many sad words make a sad sad song

Posted: December 7, 2008 in life
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friendly graffiti

i was introduced to this band, the frames, by a girl i met last night. best piece of advice i’ve had in recent saturdays i think. 

i was looking rather like cindi lauper at the time. 

i really love my degree, though i do moan from time to time. i also really love my friends and my family and the little community of people around me here in this beautiful city. 

its fun that i get to do silly things like spend several days making leaves out of felt for an art class and that i get to be part of a group creating a silly drama piece and i just get to enjoy being in glasgow, even though it is getting stupidly cold now. 

i also love being able to go for coffee with friends, hear how they’re getting on, how their lives are going… 

i’ve finally sent off my application for urban promise, hurrah.. man it is weird to know that at the end of june next year (2009, baby! it’s approaching so fast!) i’ll be 22 and a graduate… and possibly making plans to head out to the states for ten months… seems like yesterday my sister was making plans to head out to america, and now maybe its my shot. 

this weekend has been interesting- a fair few surprises in it- people i didn’t expect to see, conversations i didn’t know i’d be having, productivity i didn’t know i was lacking. but its been a good weekend, though i did get the cold. but i have a nice red jacket to compensate. maybe that’ll stop me getting the cold again… :) 

i was unexpectedly blessed recently and its been on my mind and heart about who/how to pass some of that blessing on. interestingly the sermon today was on money. and while it was a good sermon, there was no divine inspiration. 

i feel like i’m just grasshoppering from subject to subject, so i apologise. have been doing some room tidying, though its by no means a complete or particularly thorough job, but its ok, i’m used to people being shocked at just how messy i can be. apparently, if a hurricane hit, you wouldn’t notice the difference… thanks nomy. 

anyway, since i can tell you’re just longing for more pictures of felt, here are two shots from when i was testing the installation of my art project…. 

3 leaves of 50

close up grey/pink leaf

once all 50 are finished and they all get hung together i think they’ll look awesome. if you’re interested i will tell you what/when/where this is all in aid of and roughly how long they’ll be hanging… 

cheerio chums.

PS i had a whole thought process about advent and how much expectation there should be in this season for us… just waiting and hoping for the messiah to be born… its an anxious anticipation.. i’m hoping to really grasp that this year…

  1. emmsy says:

    you’ve only just heard the frames?! how is this possible?!?

  2. suz says:

    i don’t know, but it is true… you’re neglecting your duty as my musical taste advisor… this is hard to type, my hands are very cold… but i have listened to the cost on repeat this evening. its been lovely.. :)

  3. kirstymac says:

    I’m not even into the frames.. i guess i’ve heard them and liked them but not done enough to know them± I’d like to say that i LOVEd reading this and i surely do want to come and see the finished product… how are you spring chicken? i’m interested to hear how and why there was no inspiration on the money sermon…

    did i say i loved your blog and the photos are awwweeesssooommmmeee

    we need to be having a Christmas catch up xx

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