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Posted: December 13, 2008 in life
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well well well 

its been a fair wee whirlwind round these parts the last couple of days- deadlines that i nearly missed, santa suits to make, gifts to sort, christmas dinner to buy, a carol service to finish organising.. just lots of the things that come with it being the festive season, you know? 

and amongst all of this, i need to remember to sit down and reflect on who Jesus is and why i’m anticipating His birth so much, why i should be sooo excited- like a little girl again, waiting eagerly for a big surprise… and yet… why am i so jaded about this whole thing? how is it that i so easily foget what the magic of christmas is? get so caught up in the consumerism of it all… but then, the reminder of doing a carol service for the old folk that i’ve been getting to know over the last few months brings it back.. this season is all about love. love for each other and God. God’s love for us, as spectactular as that seems.. incredible, powerful love. 

and thats scary. because i do not, on my own, love like that. but God does and he loves like that through us, into our community and that gives me peace. and hope. hope for a better future, for tomorrow to dawn brighter, for today to be less messed up, for opportunities to be grasped, fully with both hands. theres a lot of hope in this world. as emma is proclaiming ‘hope is not a myth’. 

lots of people are encouraging me and inspiring me right now, not least emma and kirsty and their collaborative art project. it just speaks to a part of me that loves beauty and poetry and art that really speaks, that has a powerful potency to it. that isn’t obscured by what ‘people’ say about art. theres a lot of beauty out there in the world. 

the recent artistic process i’ve gone through in one of my classes has really opened my eyes to how much vision and dedication you need to have to be an artist. theres just something vibrant and alive in the best work, and its such a journey to go on.. and then the physical manual labour of creation. its hard work. especially once you have a vision.. you can’t just stop halfway through. theres got to be an integrity to it. i love that, that we have integrity, the people can see that in us. 

God must have been so tired on day seven. i can see why He ordered us to have a rest, to keep the sabbath holy. to recuperate from the week. even the most extroverted (by that i mean a person who gets their energy from being around others) needs some time just themselves, or better, them and God, the ultimate recharger of batteies. i’ve not been faithful with that recently. yesterday is a great example of that: but i won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say i was up at 7am and in bed again at 1am. there was a lot to do, but if i was better at keeping the sabbath and at time management i would not be in this pickle. even just having this time is not free. there are many things that are still demanding my attention and that i need to sort- some by a 5.30 deadline. 

but anyway. i took some photos out and about yesterday, here are two gooders. 

merry christmas... its only a little bit of tat...

this loon kept on following me around glasgow yesterday.. well i met him twice anyway..

and for some christmas merriment, check out el dog’s beautiful christmas single…


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