be ok

Posted: December 22, 2008 in everything else

open me up and you will see i am a gallery of broken hearts… i just wanna be ok be ok be ok i just wanna be ok today… 

aaaah, ingrid

i think today will be ok. 

i’m looking forward to going home- the tree should be up and there will be a warm flat awaiting.. and there are gifts to wrap (at least one to finish making) so, its all good. 

dad might make picnic bread this year too.. mmmmm. 

lots of things to look forward to. hurrah!

  1. kirstymac says:

    this makes me wish we had gone for a coffee or that i’d been well enough to see thee on monday.. i think you’re great girlie and wish i could hear the thoughts process out a little.. in the noos years though.. peace to you and faith and hope and love. mm, mm, mmmm! xx

  2. topixu says:

    Do you know the melody who’s lyrics you said in your post : “i just wanna be ok be ok be ok i just wanna be ok today… ” .. ?

  3. suz says:

    it’s from a song by ingrid michaelson. you can find her here: (or if that link doesn’t work, search myspace music for ‘ingrid michaelson’)
    good luck, and sorry the reply took so long!

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