it’s a brand new day

Posted: January 3, 2009 in life, people
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in fact it’s a brand new year and even though i’m sick (just the cold… i’ve been in my pajamas wrapped up in a duvet, reading/working, mostly reading all day) me and laura are going to go out to king tuts to see pearl and the puppets. she’s as sick as i am, so its all good. 

the thing i am most looking forward to today? a nice hot shower. mmmmmhmmmm. 

i think i want this year to be full of this- not the sickness particularly, but being able to enjoy a day for what it is, not what it is not. enjoy the company of good friends, good music. i know that there is a lot to do this year, but i would like to make every day count. or to try. 

i’m not making official resolutions, but as someone whos blog i read from time to time said: All I really want in my life is as much truth and beauty as I can possibly get hold of.  The rest is just chaff.  Simple, really.

and thats what i’d like to do this year. all the other things don’t really matter. i want to live this year as fully as possible, with you. all of you. all you people who make me who i am. 

having said all that, i do have commitments to this year already- like handing in 11,000 words in the middle of january. and actually i’d like them to be quite good words. so please do remind me to keep my feet on the ground and get done what i was given to do… 

look, the new year came so fast...

never be afraid of new things or small children

just to remind you that life is surprising, but that the people make it worthwhile. 


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